Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Anniversary Celebration

Last fall one day my fifteen-year-old step-daughter asked if she could make cupcakes.  She explained that it was her friendship anniversary with her best friend (from first grade!)  The cupcakes were delicious and the girls enjoyed a fun celebration with small gifts, stories recalled from their past, and a renewed appreciation for their bond as friends.

That experience made me wonder why friendship anniversaries aren't honored more often.  I have known my best friend, KayLynn, for 25 years this month.  Since neither of us is likely to ever have a silver wedding anniversary, I proposed that we have our own friendship anniversary celebration.  Skip the cupcakes - we headed to the beach and the spa in Monterey, California for the weekend of January 18th!


The weather was gorgeous, our room had an ocean view and balcony, and we had a wonderful time.  I think my step-daughter and her BFF are on to something great - why shouldn't we celebrate all kinds of relationships and anniversaries?!  Not to take anything away from the traditional wedding anniversary, but there is certainly room in our lives for the recognition of other happy occaisions, whatever those happen to be.  

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