Sunday, January 20, 2013


I realize there are many definitions of home, both physically and emotionally.  It is a powerful word.  
I'm not sure why but I have always felt most at home in-between destinations.  I love being on an airplane, a train, driving in a car - anything that equals movement between here and there.
And I need this feeling periodically.  I need to feel in-between, up in the air, on the road.  The gypsy in me desires those arches between here and there.  And in those lapses in which I am neither where I was or will be, I find myself.  I feel at home.
Have you ever felt this peace in transitions?  I would love to know if anyone else finds themselves at home in those spaces between destinations.


  1. I think that when we are in-between we are often just with ourselves and so feel at home.
    Know what I mean?

  2. That is a very interesting observation. For me, that "in between" part is an important reminder that I do have a place to go back to. My cozy home that holds the treasures of the past; the feeling of security and stability that dwells there; and a place I can truly be myself. While I enjoy the adventure of travel and seeing new places (even if it is a new place only 20 miles away), I would have to agree with Dorothy..."There is no place like home." for me.

    I like what Rinda had to say...and I suppose since I am the only one here at home, I feel most at home when I am alone. I truly do enjoy my own company...thank goodness, because it is just usually me!

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