Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anthropologie - for the rest of us

 I love walking into an Anthropologie store in the mall.  Immediately, you feel transported from suburbia America to a vintage flea market in Europe.  French music is playing, fragrant candles flicker here and there, and the merchandise seems refreshingly different.  The skirts, blouses and assessories could make any of us look Parisian, complete with an amber aura as if we were being viewed through a retro camera lens.
But, and there are two big ones, the price tags are high and the sizes are small.  Trefis states that Anthropology appeals to affluent women  by selling a "lifestyle", rather than individual products.  I happen to like the lifestyle but am not affluent, by any means.  Their pants are offered in sizes 24 (zero) - 32 (size 14) but there is no way I could fit into a pair, which is more my problem than their fault.  Tops also come in XS - L or XL but even the more generous sizes seem rather petite and I doubt I would be comfortable for long in one.  *Sigh.* However, Antropologie is a very successful company and is not being held back by the small part I might contribute financially if I happened to be rich and skinny.
Still I can't help but wish there was something like this, unique clothing in a bohemian atmosphere, for people like me.  If you are an inspiring entrepreneur, I hope you will look into creating a store similar to Anthropologie for "the rest of us."  Maybe it could be called Budget-pologie Plus.  That kind of takes away all the ambiance, doesn't it?  And maybe that's why it doesn't exist.

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  1. What a great post!!! Sometimes I think that designers don't design for women with boobs.


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