Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Do You Want to Do (with the Rest of Your Life)

April is a creative business coach and has a website titled Blacksburg Belle.  She is oh-so young and beautiful but wise in a way that spans generations.  She recently created a video, "How to Figure Out What You Want to Do with Your Life", which included a list of ten questions to ask yourself if you would like to approach an answer.  I printed these off to ponder and I believe that, with a few tweaks, these inquiries could benefit the not-so-young, as well.

I know there are many of us mature women who have a second career in mind, whether this is a volunteer position after retirement, a different job for the rest of our employment years, or a "hobby" which may or may not be a financial venture for us at this stage of our lives.  We women live a long time and it is only natural that we could decide to have more than one career. 

You may already know what your want to do next but, if not, April's list could be just what you need to narrow it down.  I have added a few words (that are highlighted) to her original list to make it more applicable to the over-thirty (ha!) crowd.

10 Questions to Consider
By April (and me)
1.  What do you want to be known for (in your later years) ?
2.  What activities give you a thrill?  What can you get lost in for hours?
3.  What lifts your mood?
4.  What would your perfect day look like?
5.  What do people thank you for?
6.  What is something you'd love to do but your don't even let yourself go there because it's too scary (or impractical or even embarrassing) ?
7.  What do you think about doing when you retire (or reach age 50, 60, or any other milestone) ?
8.  If money wasn't a factor, how would you spend your time?
9.  What about your current work or career bores you or frustrates you?
10.  When are your fascinated with learning?  What did your always like learning about in school?

*  Is there any career/passion you wanted to pursue when you were younger that got pushed to the side by daily life?
I am still contemplating some of these questions but feel them pulling me closer to my own soul's longings.  I hope you take some time to go through them yourself, opening yourself up to what may be waiting for you just around the bend.



  1. These are great questions. I'm at that age - family raised and yet I have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life. I just finished a degree in French and love teaching high school. But no positions are currently open, so I sub. But I also love crafting and writing. Oh, so many possibilities - so many choices. How lucky we are to have options.

  2. I do think, eventually, I will have a photography business. And incorporate more photography into my academic work as well. But, luckily, I love my paying job.


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