Monday, November 19, 2012

Look Who's Fifty!

[Doctor No poster]Skyfall poster

The James Bond film series has been alive and well for fifty years.  The first movie, Dr. No, came out in the UK during the fall of 1962.  The latest thriller, Skyfall, opened in theaters just a couple weeks ago.  I have yet to see it but my local newspaper gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The main character is aging along with the rest of us, perhaps a bit slower than most of us, but the film industry is certainly not done with him yet.  There is even an official James Bond 007 website, if you would like to know even more about these exciting, entertaining movies.


Another fifty candles can be lit for the iconic Rolling Stones.  They started playing half a century ago in London and have managed to retain 3/4 of their most notable original members.  The new guy, Ron Wood, has been with the band for 37 years!  At their start, they were dubbed the "Anti-Beatles" for being the bad guys compared with the fab-four's shining reputation in the early sixties.  The Stones have a 50th anniversary tour coming up and a new documentary out on HBO titled "Crossfire Hurricane."  If you are a fan, or just interested in cultural longevity, you must check them out.

Both of these events make 50 look like more of a stopping point than a large number.  And don't we all love a Happy Birthday?!


  1. Thanks, Laurie ... it's lovely to know I'm in such notable fifty-something company. :)

  2. That was a great blog Laurie! I did see Skyfall this weekend and thought it was pretty good, not one of my favorites...but at least Daniel Craig was in it! : ) It is amazing that the Rolling Stones are celebrating 50 years...WOW! They were my first concert when I was 14...that was September 1981 and my ticket cost $15.75!! Yes, I still have the stub and photos from the concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia! I went with my oldest sister and her husband...what an amazing first concert to attend and sadly, it is the only time I've seen them.

  3. i love the fact that James Bond is almost always played by a very sexy older man!


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