Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Superstorm and Full Moon

As I watched the moon rise last night over the desert, my thoughts were with those who are dealing with Superstorm Sandy on the east coast here in the U.S.  May you all stay safe and cozy while riding out the rough weather.  If you are reading this from there, please check in and let us know how you are doing.


  1. Well, I cannot speak for points northward, but here in Annapolis, Maryland most people are still hunkered indoors waiting until bridges can be reopened and checking for flood damage. The severe gusts lasted over 24 hours and the rain was a wall of water at times. I've lived in my apartment for over a decade, and I have never see the creek become a river so fast.

    But this morning, I'm relieved to report that our power went out -- although many areas in my county did loose power.

    Washington DC and Baltimore are still shut down due to flooding. Most government offices and schools are closed for the second straight day. Anyone living near a river, major creek, or the Chesapeake Bay may also be bailing out water.

    The cold front has moved in and we have drastically colder temps today (45F will be the warmest in the afternoon.)

    Just hoping the folks in New Jersey and New York are okay.

  2. I am very happy to report that ShirleeAnn and family in New Jersey never lost power (amazing!) so the sump pump was able to handle the basement filling up with water. I was so incredibly worried about her and that terrible storm.

    A friend of mine living in Central Jersey (near Point Pleasant beach) really was hit hard and their beaches were just rearranged. Out here in Michigan we are experiencing the strong wind with gusts up to 55 mph...our windchill today was around 28. Save me a spot in that sunshine!!


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