Thursday, October 25, 2012

52 Weeks

me at the Grand Canyon in Nov. 2011

My husband is celebrating his birthday today but in one year he will hit a milestone, the big five-oh.  He decided that he wants to spend it at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Now, he has gone up and down and all around this natural treasure many times.  I have enjoyed the view but always from the rim or a short distance from it.  But I would love to stand at the bottom, see the stars from down there, and add the hike to my list of things I've done.  So, in order to be with him on this special day, I'm going to have to get myself in shape.  I have to be mentally and physically prepared to make the trek down and back up the canyon walls.  The Grand Canyon!  The good news is that I have 52 weeks, one whole year.  I need to exercise, train, lose some weight, and, most of all, commit myself to doing this. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions. 


  1. I'm not in the best of shape because of some medical problems that will never go away, but when I was younger, like you! I did have some things that set me back and it was hard to get back into shape. My best advice is to go slow! I think something like walking, just go slow and not push yourself. I think walking everyday is a good start, especially if you have a nice place to walk. Then each week, or every three or four days, go a little farther. The same thing with lifting weights. Start with light weights, and a few reps. The next week, a few more. I think with working with weights, you aren't supposed to do it everyday. You need a day off to get the muscles to get stronger. Or you can do arms one day, and legs the next day. You might also consider taking a day off with no exercise, just to give yourself some rest. I'm NOT expert! I have a hard time remembering to walk everyday and do my weights! Which also brings up the point, what part of the day is best for you, and stick to it. For me it is in the morning. You don't want to do it after a big meal. It is surprising how fast though, your body can improve. After some surgery I had, I couldn't do any exercise. Then one day I tried to open up a jar and couldn't. OK, it was vacuumed sealed, but it was more than that. I got some hand squeezy things, and started out with 5 squeezes. It was hard, but it didn't take long before I was up to 30! I mean really, in maybe three weeks! I just got new weights for my arms because the other ones got too light. Man, I'm sounding like an expert. One last thing, hopefully if you are still reading this, is what you want is strength. That means if you start with 5 lb. weights for arm curls and can do 20, that's fine. After awhile you'll notice they feel too light. Then go to 7 or 10 pounds and work yourself up to 20 again. That's better than trying to 5 curls with 20 lbs. The more repetitions is better than doing a heavier weight without that many reps. Also a simple exercise is tippy toes! Start slow though. Once I did this and made it to 100 and I felt fine. The next day I couldn't walk! Go slow and you'll be fine! There maybe something on the internet to get you started. Good luck!

  2. Go for it Laurie! I made "health" my one little word in 2011 and really transformed my body into a physically fit person (at 50!)


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