Saturday, October 20, 2012

Searching for Sugar Man

Last weekend we went to see the movie "Searching for Sugar Man", which documents the transformation of a country and the man who sang the songs that inspired its citizens.  Sixto Rodriguez was a folk singer from Detroit in the early 70's with a promising career who ended up disappearing from the public eye.  A bootleg tape of his music found its way to South Africa, becoming a favorite to those young listeners who were looking for a life beyond aparthiod.  Rodriguez, himself, is a man of emense musical talent who is as comfortable on stage in front of an audience of thousands as he is carrying a refrigerator on his back out of a house that is being demolished.  He has navigated for many years in a world where his talent stands far beyond his living conditions but his character never wavers.  The movie is a bit hard to follow at times and the scenes have a vintage quality to them, for better or worse.  I heard fellow movie goers cry, cheer, and sing along.  This film is a testiment to the old adage that we never know exactly what kind of impact we will have on others or how far the reach of our existance may extend.  I highly recommend seeing it.  We bought the sound track and have been enjoying it as great music and also a way to reflect on the depth of this story.

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