Friday, October 12, 2012

A Permission Slip

The lovely Susannah Conway published a post called The Permission Slip which prompted me to write my own version here, which you are welcome to adopt or revise for your own:

You have permission to spend your time with those that make you feel good and to decline spending time with those that don't.

You have permission to stop and just BE sometimes.  Productivitiy does not equate to worthiness.

You have permission to enjoy yourself, even if doing so makes you feel a bit juvenille.  We are entitled to happiness when it comes our way at whatever age it finds us.

You have permission to occasionally forget a birthday, be late for dinner, not answer a phone call, or pretend to be sick.  This does not make you a bad person.

You have permission to come up with a crazy idea, to bet on the underdog, to believe in a lost cause, to wave your freak flag.

You have permission to veer off the main drag, to opt out of a trend, to be behind the times, to wait to jump on the latest bandwagon.

You have permission to drink cream with coffee, sugar with tea, to eat dessert before dinner, to bake a cake for no reason, to eat an apple right off the tree.

You have permission to close your eyes after you wake up so that you can revisit your dreams.  And to decide what you want to dream about before you go to sleep at night.

You have permison to linger, to take a second look, to question and to form an unpopular opinion based on your experience.

You have permission to use age as an excuse, to rely on your instincts, and to remember events the way you choose to as long as that way that makes you a better person.

You have permission to be YOU.  Each and every day.


  1. As per my recent post, I give myself permission to putter. . . Thanks for visiting my blog! Now I'm off to peek around yours.

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  3. I love this! It's funny how over the years we adopt all these self-imposed rules. You have reminded me that I can give myself permission to break those and set new ones, or none at all! In fact, it's only 4:25p.m. here and I'm not waiting until 5:00; I'm going to pour myself a nice glass of wine right now! Cheers.

  4. Love this, Laurie! Am sharing it for others to enjoy. Cheers.

  5. So true! I think many of us are our own worst critics and the "critic" voice in our heads beats us up far too much for the little things. I know I am a lot happier for giving myself permission to be human and to be entirely myself.


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