Monday, October 29, 2012

Boomer Women Today

I recently read an ariticle on-line titled "Boomer Women Struggle in the Great Recession's Wake."  It mentioned so many issues that touch the women in our generation and describes how a couple of individuals have been affected by all that has happened in the past forty years. 

Many women entered the paid labor force in the 1970's and juggled a life at home with one at work, believing they could have it all and be rewarded for the effort.  We hoped that someday there would be equality in pay between the genders, but that has yet to happen.  Taking time off to raise children cost women in terms of job status and retirement savings.  Even if they did manage to sock some money away, the recession has diminished that significantly.  As a result of increased pressures and freedoms, many of us have gone through a divorce, which often adds to a woman's financial burdens.  And women over fifty are looking for a job, they may be turned down in favor of younger, more currently educated, canidates.  In this presidential election year, it is difficult to determine who has our back because, even though much has been said and promises have been made, I have yet to hear either party mention our particular demographic. 

So, although nothing has become easier with time and we continue to navigate new ground, we are a strong, diverse and talented group of women. Moving forward, we can weather this recession and the ever changing political landscape by sticking together, defining our needs, and making ourselves heard.  Are you with me?!

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