Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall - a season of the year and of life

Fall is my favorite season - the colors, the light, the celebrations, and the way it opens up time for slowing down and reflecting.
Often, the season of the year are used as an analogy for a person's life.  Spring is the first twenty-five years, summer represents the next twenty-five, and so on.  I like this way of thinking about aging because it is familiar and seems to make some sense.
In my own life, spring was a bit blustery and unpredictable but there were some strikingly beautiful days.  Summer was hot, at times a bit sweaty, and jam-packed full of activities - I had a lot of fun but it exhausted me and I am not disappointed to see it go (although I did look pretty good in that swimsuit that I know I'll never be able to wear again!)  So now it is autumn and I am moving a bit slower, deciding which activities are worth my time and declining other invitations.  The weather is perfect and I am taking it all in.  I know I need to work on making some preparations for winter, even though fall can linger some years for quite a while.
How do you feel about this popular analogy?  Where are you in the year right now?  Which season do you miss or are you looking forward to?  How can you get the most out of this current season and what it has to offer?

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  1. Love your new place!

    Ah, Autumn is my favorite season and wow ... in a few weeks I guess I will be shifting into the Autumn of my life?! But as a person with some fire, I find summer fun but taxing. I enjoy the pace and space of Autumn. Although now I am pausing and thinking about how changes in my perspective really do mirror this natural shift towards shedding, releasing, moving inward ... a sense of freshness to life after the frenzy of trying to prove myself ... now I am letting that folly go!

    I also love the e.e. cummings quote ... very timely!

    I look forward to many more conversations here! I am all about connecting and gathering ideas, perspectives, support ... being present to this wonderful life. Having friends dropping by :)

    xo Lis


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