Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marinating in Autumn

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The earth laughs in flowers."  If so, then I believe she seduces with the colors of autumn.

My dad, who also favors this season, has talked about how we only have a finite number of the events in our lives:  birthdays, vacations, Christmases.  And that is also true about seasons.  Although there may be dozens of autumns left for us in this world, the number is still limited.  Sometimes we take for granted the turning of the earth, the comings and goings of the things we have now expect without fail.  But it is good to keep in mind that these days are precious and to enjoy them in those small ways that keep us mindful. 

Go outside and take a deep breath. 

Notice where in the sky the sun comes up or goes down today. 

Forgo your usual coffee for a pumpkin latte.  Take deep whiffs of the steamy goodness.

Collect some fallen leaves or other follage to display on your desk or window sill. 

Take the time to witness exactly where you are right now.  Because by honoring these worldly moments, we are truly alive.

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  1. I ate pumpkin pie this weekend for exactly these reasons!


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