Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Right (?) Shoes

these are my feet in shoes that really do fit
Last month I ordered a cute pair of shoes that I believed would fast-forward me into a realm of fashion far from the one I am in currently.  I imagined not only wearing these shoes to various places, but the outfits I would buy to go with them and who I would be when I wore them.  They were the right shoes and I couldn't wait to receive them in the mail and get them on my feet.
The first day I wore them I ended up with five blisters on my feet before noon.  Shortly after, I ditched them and went barefoot the rest of the day at work!  My poor feet were swollen, rubbed raw, and ached from my toes all the way to my heels.  I kept thinking that if these were the right shoes, then there must be something wrong with me.  Forget about the cute outfits, the hip events, and the elevated confidence they were to bring to my life.  The shoes and all that they represented got put into a Goodwill box before sunset.
A few days later and with a bit more perspective, I realized that I had been picking out shoes for a younger me with a different life.  There is no right or wrong with shoes - they either fit comfortably or they don't.  Now I am approaching footwear shopping with a whole different mindset, believing that I must be able to function in my life with the shoes on my feet.  "Cute" has a lot more to do with ease of movement, feeling good, and a smile on my face than it does with an article of clothing.  Don't you agree?


  1. I remember this same feeling about my toes. I remember looking at some cute girls perfectly painted toes and saying, "If I had toes that looked like that, I'd wear those type of sandals." I remember you looking at me funny and saying, "No you wouldn't." I remember thinking about the conversation later. I too realized that in my mind if I had that woman's toes somehow I would be a different person. I would be the girl who wore the cute scrappy sandals. Rigt shoes wrong person.

  2. Whoops. I mean cute strappy sandals and right shoes!


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